Money Tree with Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing Crystals [Bonus Tree of Life Necklace]

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Orgone agate brings to you Money Tree with Lapis Lazuli Chakra gemstone that is made to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to the user. This is a handmade Feng Shui Healing Crystal Oriental Home Décor Golden Wire Figurine that adds elegance to space it is kept in. Lapis Lazuli is known for its ability to encourage self-awareness, bring harmony and promote peace in your life. It stimulates clarity inside a person by removing stress from his mind. Also known as the ‘Stone of Protection’, Lapis Lazuli is known to protect you against harmful energies and psychic attacks. This Money Tree is a great way to fill your life with energy and enthusiasm and induce creativity in it that will help you to reach new levels of success.


A Stone

That Promotes Wisdom & Harmony

Lapis Lazuli is known for instilling peace and harmony in a person’s life. The celestial blue of this crystal is considered to be a symbol of truth and wisdom. It improves your analytical abilities and makes your mind more creative which makes it an ideal stone for lawyers, journalists, psychologists and people working in the higher management of a company. It is also known to enhance your memory and assist in the learning process.

Ideal For A Healthy Relationship

Lapis Lazuli is known to assist you in strengthening your relationship with your loved ones by instilling compassion and kindness inside you. With this stone around you, you tend to be more honest with your friends or relatives and you prefer speaking the truth rather than leaving behind a trail of lies. Lapis Lazuli also promotes self-awareness and helps you to utilize your gifts in an efficient manner.

A Stabilizing Crystal

This crystal is known to form a shield around you that protects you from toxic intentions and psychic attacks. It also removes negative emotions like stress, anxiety, anger and fear from your mind, thereby promoting tranquility and empathy inside you. Lapis Lazuli makes you understand your limitations and gives you a clear perspective of your life.

Useful In Bringing Good Luck & Happiness

Ever Vibes Lapis Lazuli Chakra Gemstone Money Tree is useful in bringing happiness, prosperity and good luck in one’s life. This tree promotes a healthy flow of positive and confident energy in your space and helps you to reach new heights of success.

Shagbark Wooden Base

The Lapis Lazuli Chakra Gemstone Money Tree gets a base that is made from durable Shagbark wood which offers it stability. This wood is of very high quality and does not damage easily. This wooden base gets a smooth texture and a beautiful shine that forms a perfect contrast with the Lapis Lazuli tree. This colour combination offers an elegant look to the entire figurine and makes it a suitable choice for any space.

Useful Tool For Healing Chakras

Lapis Lazuli is said to be a very useful stone for balancing your Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. This crystal expands your self-awareness which stimulates enlightenment. The energies of this stone help you to tap into your spiritual powers and form a connection with the universal energies in order to achieve knowledge about your true self. By stimulating the Throat Chakra, Lapis Lazuli helps you to be more expressive when it comes to communicating your ideas and beliefs. You are able to feel more confident while communicating with your seniors or even your friends and family with your Throat Chakra balanced.