Lapis Luzuli Healing Crystal Vastu plate

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EMF Protection, Vastu & Feng Shui – On top of this home décor piece’s beauty and elegance, it also provides your household, office or living space EMF protection! In addition, it helps a person when practicing the ancient art of Vastu& Feng Shui.



🏡 Beautiful Chakra Gemstone Home Decor– This art piece was hand crafted to be a charming edition to your home décor. It’s crafted of stunning blue Lapis Luzuli crystal to be a perfect centerpiece on a dinner table, counter, coffee table, entertainment center, etc.

💎100% Genuine Lapis Luzuli Crystals–We at Pura Crystals pride ourselves on crafting our home décor of 100% genuine gemstone crystals. We know this because we personally mine these gemstones ourselves using an environmentally friendly and sustainable system. This ensures ultimate uniqueness, beauty and, most of all, spiritual healing and protection in your living space or office.

☮️ Harmony, Wisdom, Intuition & Peace – The Lapis Luzuli Gemstone Crystal Gemstone has been used for thousands of years by humans to bring them metaphysical and spiritual wellness. Now you can bring this power into your home with this art piece plate.

🖼️Plate Coaster Art Piece – Proudly show this beautiful piece of art to your friends, family members and guests and teach them about the power of balancing your chakras! You can even use this piece as a coaster as long as the cup has a hollow bottom to fit over the coiled copper artwork.

 HandMined, Carved, Polished and Designed in India– We have hand mined, polished, carved, designed and crafted our chakra gemstone table plates décor piece in the beautiful country of India