• ACTIVATE YOUR THIRD EYE and your brain’s thirst for knowledge with the Lapis Lazuli Ball. Called the “Crystal of Truth”, it empowers good judgment and self-awareness.
  • WELCOME INSIGHTFULNESS with the “Stone of Wisdom”. Lapis Lazuli dispels martyrdom, reveals inner truth, and aids in the expression of feelings and emotions.
  • BOOST YOUR MEMORY for heightened intellectual performance and critical thinking. This potent crystal is essential for business executives, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.
  • STRENGTHEN BONDS through its’ harmonizing powers. The Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball encourages compassion and harmony while dispelling cruelty and deception.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN INDIA from the highest-quality Lapis Lazuli, this powerful orgone crystal orb is resin-cast with metals, the Flower of Life symbol, and its’ own holder.

Awaken your true destiny

This dazzling 60mm Lapis Lazuli Ball will guide you to deeper self-awareness, higher levels of spiritual growth, and personal fulfillment. With previously unseen solutions and insights before you as well as more harmonious bonds with associates, you’ll possess the good judgment and clarity of mind needed for success.

Unlock your creativity and feelings

Our Third Eye Orgone Crystal Ball is made with the finest quality Lapis Lazuli and is resin-cast with metals and the Flower of Life symbol to further promote purpose and courage. It comes with a stand so that you can position it prominently in your meditation studio, office, or bedroom.

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