Aquamarine Orgone Generator Dodecahedron

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Ocean Stone Aquamarine Orgone Dodecahedron brings a healthy dose of calmness, channeled straight from the depths of the serene oceans. Combined with the divinity of orgone energy, this dodecahedron is sure to bring you peace. It has multiple benefits when it comes to energy healing. It utilizes the powers of the Blue Onyx and Aquamarine crystals, which are associated with the ocean.


Blue Aquamarine / Blue Onyx Healing Benefits

These stones are well versed in emotional healing, especially resolving deep emotional issues that cause mental unbalance. It is a great tool to carry at work since it protects your energy from being drained by your surroundings. This orgone dodecahedron is great for mental balance in general. It helps you to cool quick tempers, relieve stress, clear the mind and heart, and in the process it allows you to channel your inner wisdom and get in touch with suppressed emotions.

Protection from EMFs

Electromagnetic frequencies envelop your aura 24 hours a day and it causes unseen damage to your psyche. It is sourced from the electronic gadgets you are surrounded by all day, like mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, etc. This orgone dodecahedron is well versed in protecting your energy from the adverse effects of EMFs by shielding your aura from them.

Orgone Energy for Serenity & Peace

Orgone energy is the concept of channeling the power of life. Dubbed with different familiar terms like ‘Prana’ and ‘Chi’, the concept of orgone energy is centuries old. With this dodecahedron, you can channel the best of what life on this planet has to offer. Positive orgone energy helps all life around you stay in good health, including animals and plants.

Excellent Meditation Tool

This orgone dodecahedron is a great tool to meditate with. The positive energy you will reap from the combination of meditation, the orgone energy, and the healing prowess of its crystal contents will help you find new levels of peace and calm. This is great to expel stress and anxiety from your system and helps you in always keeping a level head.

Crystal Healing with Blue Onyx & Blue Aquamarine

Blue Onyx and Aquamarine are both wonderful stones to stimulate the Throat Chakra. They allow you to improve communication and get rid of hidden emotions that can go un-worded and suppressed. When your Throat Chakra is acting well and balanced, you speak more truthfully, eloquently, and precisely. Such level of efficient communication is much appreciated by your family and peers. It also has its way of filtering out the people in your life, because when you communicate without holding back, you make it very clear how you feel about certain people in your life.