• CLEANSE YOUR ENVIRONMENT with this Flower of Life Orgone Charging Plate with Blue Aquamarine energy crystals.
  • AWAKEN YOUR SLUGGISH SOUL with the powers of , known for enhancing inner strength and bravery.
  • REPEL EMF RADIATION emitted by cell phones, microwave ovens, routers and 3G towers to safeguard yourself and your family.
  • PURIFY DRINKING WATER prior to drinking by setting the glass on our 90mm orgone plate for ultimate cellular hydration.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN INDIA from the finest Blue Aquamarine healing crystals available, this orgone energy accumulator is essential to spiritual protection and health.

Revitalize with Vitamin “Sea”

This stunning crystal charging coaster harnesses the rejuvenative powers of Blue Aquamarine to clean and cleanse the water element in your body, removing emotional toxicity and encouraging inner peace. Placed in your surroundings, the orgone water plate wards-off negative energy and shrouds you in a protective aura where you are free of others’ judgments.

Heal energy blockages

The perfect accompaniment to your orgonite pyramids and energy crystals, our charging coaster removes EMF smog, negativity and other psychic noise that has kept you from revealing your higher purpose. By reconnecting with life’s water element, Blue Aquamarine channels the soothing qualities of the ocean. Enveloped only in positive vibrations, you will feel a strong sense of fearlessness and thirst for accomplishment.

Infuse your body and soul with indomitable life force. Add the Orgonite Crystal Water Charging Coaster to your crystals and healing stones today.

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