Labradorite Crystal Heart Shaped Palm Stone

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Labradorite Crystal Heart Shaped Palm Stone that offers benefits like Reiki Healing and Spiritual Protection. This polished heart stone, also known as a palm stone is a perfect on-the-go solution for surrounding your aura with positivity and affection. Labradorite is one of the most powerful healing stones of the crystal kingdom. This is a smooth and shiny polished tumbled crystal that starts working its healing magic as soon as you set your eyes upon it and take it in your hand.

With this Labradorite Heart Shaped Palm Stone, you will be able to freely express yourself and reveal your true self as it stimulates the Throat Chakra. The compact size of this crystal allows you to carry it with you in your pocket or keep it next to your bed to bathe in its healing energies. This stone comes with a velvet drawstring pouch that keeps the stone safe and makes it easy to carry.


Bring Uplifting Energies In Your Life With Labradorite

Labradorite is a powerful protection crystal that keeps you from making bad decisions or falling prey to ill-intentions. With its’ ability to instill courage, strength, confidence and resourcefulness, the Ever Vibes Labradorite Heart Shaped Palm Stone equips you with everything you need to be happy and prosperous in all aspects of your life.

This Stone of Transformation cleanses your aura and helps eradicate bad habits that mire you in feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Your newfound confidence will enhance your attractiveness and forge deeper connections with love interests. By adding this crystal to your arsenal, you will be able to attract loving energy and feelings of security in your everyday life.

Encourages Psychic Healing

With Labradorite you can establish a link between this material world and the other higher realms. It connects you to your inner voice or intuition that helps you transcend your path through life. By acting as your guardian angel, Labradorite helps you as a protective ally in your journey through different levels of consciousness. It helps you get rid of deeply rooted injuries to your soul so that you can let go of the past and build healthy relationships.

Opens Your Heart

With this palm stone, you tend to look at the brighter side of things in your life. Labradorite opens your heart and allows you to feel happy and content with all of the good things and people in life. You learn to let go of grudges and respect people, which ultimately develops strong relationships.

Allows You To Be More Courageous

This stone is designed to make you feel courageous and confident. Whenever you encounter difficult situations in your life, this stone will help you to tackle them with ease. Labradorite will help to dispel fears and insecurities so that you are able to attract more attention and opportunities for love.

Chakra Healing with Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone of the Throat Chakra, which means it allows you to be better at communication and supplements expressiveness. You will find that you can speak your mind more freely and more often with this stone around you. Labradorite is also essential in uniting all the chakras and ensuring balance and harmony between them.