Orgone Pendant for Ultimate Luck and Money

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Turn your luck around with this Ever Vibes Orgone Pendant, which has the benefits of the crystals like Green Jade, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Red Garnet, and Lapis Lazuli. This pendant is a great way to fashionably carry the healing supremacy of these gemstones while reaping the benefits of Orgone energy. The combination of all of these healing powers brings you luck, success, and money.


6-in-one Crystal Healing Goodness

This pendant is studded with 6 different healing crystals that each bring something unique to the table.

  • Starting with Green Jade, it is a stone of the Heart Chakra that is known for regulating emotions and brings luck.
  • Amethyst is a famous purple stone that is best known for raising levels of intellect and improve sleep and dreams.
  • Rose Quartz is the universal stone of love, which opens your heart to accepting and appreciating love for yourself and other beings.
  • Blue Kyanite is excellent for aligning your chakras and helps you meditate.
  • Red Garnet is a stone of prosperity and abundance that also helps in regulating blood circulation.
  • Lastly, Lapis Lazuli is a stone of heavenly powers which raises spiritual awareness of the self and the universe.

Protective Shield against EMFs

Our world is now crowded by electronic devices that emit harmful radiations called Electromagnetic Frequencies, which damage the quality of our thoughts, focus, and memory. This Orgone necklace can protect us from the harmful frequencies of these devices, on the go. With this necklace, you can stay protected from the harmful effects of the EMFs as it deflects these frequencies away from you.

Good Vibes, Good Luck, and Good Energy

An important benefit of having such a combination of healing powers in a pendant is the portability. Not only is this pendant filled with multiple benefits from different stones, but it also is an eye-catching addition to your attire at the same time. You get to carry this token of good vibes with you at all times while looking good at the same time.

Orgone Energy to Connect with the World around You

Orgone is the concept of the energy which animates this planet with life. It is the energy that makes us move and feel things. With a pendant that channels Orgone energy and connects us to the larger universe outside our bubble, we see things from a higher perspective, and our worries and fears are diminished considerably.

Chakra Healing with Orgone Pendant

This necklace comes with versatile and exceptional chakra healing powers. Different constituents of this pendant work on different chakras. Green Jade is a green stone of the Heart Chakra and stimulates emotional healing and good blood circulation. Amethyst is a stone of the Crown Chakra, controlling intellect and dreams. Rose Quartz is also a Heart Chakra stone that helps you accept unconditional love. Blue Kyanite is a good stone to balance the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Red Garnet is a stone of the Root Chakra, helping us with grounding and excretion of bad energies. Lapis Lazuli is another stone of the Throat Chakra that helps with communication.