Money Tree with Carnelian Chakra Gemstones[BonusNecklace]

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Orgone agate brings to you Money Tree with Carnelian Chakra gemstone that is made to bring good luck wealth and prosperity to the user. This is a handmade Feng Shui Healing Crystal Oriental Home Decor Golden Wire Figurine that adds elegance to space it is kept in. Carnelian is known for its captivating looks and vibrant energy that instills joy and courage inside you. Also known as the ‘Stone of Motivation & Endurance’, Carnelian is considered to be a great stone for leaders and motivational speakers. Carnelian Money Tree is a great way to fill your life with energy and enthusiasm and induce creativity in it that will help you to reach new levels of success.


A Gemstone

That Boosts Creativity

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that can restore vitality and motivation inside an individual. It improves your thinking capabilities and you are able to come up with more innovative and productive solutions to your problem. This stone also helps you to overcome abuse of any kind and helps in making positive life choices. The orange and red hues of Carnelian are known to enhance passion and desire in a relationship, thereby strengthening the bond between the couple.

Stone of Creativity

Carnelian is considered to be a very useful stone for people like artists, musicians, architects and builders because it instills creativity in their mind and boosts their energy levels so that they can give in their maximum efforts. Carnelian is also known to promote confidence inside you which enables you to speak more freely and express your thoughts.

A Stabilizing Crystal

This crystal keeps you anchored in the present and keeps your mind from wandering in the past and revisiting the traumas that you might have suffered. It protects you against envy or rage from yourself or from others and encourages a love of life. If used during meditation, Carnelian shows you the way to bring your dreams into reality.

Useful in Bringing Good Luck & Happiness

Ever Vibes Carnelian Chakra Gemstone Money Tree is useful in bringing happiness, prosperity and good luck in one’s life. This tree promotes a healthy flow of positive and confident energy in your space and helps you to reach new heights of success.

Shagbark Wooden Base

The Carnelian Chakra Gemstone Money Tree gets a base that is made from durable Shagbark wood which offers it stability. This wood is of very high quality and does not damage easily. This wooden base gets a smooth texture and a beautiful shine that forms a perfect contrast with the Carnelian tree. This colour combination offers an elegant look to the entire figurine and makes it a suitable choice for any space.

Useful Tool For Healing Chakras

Carnelian is said to be a very useful stone for balancing your Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra. This helps you to feel grounded and enhances your gut feelings or intuitions. With these chakras balanced, you tend to feel more centered and stable and feelings like confusion, lethargy and procrastination are removed from your body. You are able to regain your lost strength and stamina and take on the challenges in front of you with all your grit and confidence.