Orgonite Pyramid for EMF Protection – Crystal Chakra Stone Pyramid

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  • REASONS EVERYONE NEEDS ORGONE : Cell Phones, laptops, tablets, TV’s, microwaves, and wifi/bluetooth devices, all emit dangerous RF-EMF, also known as Electromagnetic Radiation EMF’s emitted from these devices have been classified as a human carcinogen and can affect the quality of our thoughts/memory/focus. Orgone Crystal Pyramids can reduce or eliminate the harmful EMF’s effects produced from these devices.
  • BLACK TOURMALINE : Maintain a spiritual consciousness Re-Balancing Orgone Pyramid Clear blockages in your aura Remove negative energy
  • LAPIS LAZULI : Divine Wisdom and Inner Truth Orgone Pyramid Hold you with its spiritual powers Promote self-awareness
  • AMAZONITE : It soothes trauma and calms the mind Energy Healing and chakra balancing Filtering out stresses
  • GREEN JADE : balance and harmony for the heart chakra Give Protection & Bring Luck Boosts the confidence


Orgone is the representation of life in the way of energy and aura. With this New Orgone pyramid for Healing Heart from Ever Vibes, you bring home a healthy dose of good vibes and positive energy. This Orgonite pyramid is infused with a perfect combination of protection and positivity stones that include Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, and Green Jade. Positive orgone energy can help promote healthy energy for people, plants, and animals. It dispels negative energy to make way for a healing environment.

A Perfect Blend of Healing Powers

  • Black Tourmaline is a protection stone, also known for health, luck, happiness, and positivity. It is also very adept at detoxifying the body. This crystal also helps you to maintain a spiritual awareness.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a stone of expression and self-awareness. It reveals inner truth, and helps one be honest with themselves. It also induces the values of honesty and compassion, raising your moral standards.
  • Amazonite is a healing stone that helps with physical as well as emotional issues. It also helps in energy healing and chakra balancing. It soothes trauma and calms the mind by filtering out stress.
  • Green Jade is an ancient stone of love and virtue. It creates an environment of harmony and peace and eases the mind. Green Jade is also known to boost confidence during difficult times.

Protection from Electromagnetic Pollution

We are surrounded by a fog of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the electronic devices around us. Cell phones, televisions, microwaves, laptops, and other electronic devices emit these EMFs which are harmful to the human body. This protective Orgone Pyramid creates a protective shield around you which keeps you safe from the harmful effects of EMFs.

Preservation Powers of the Pyramid Shape

The pyramid shape has magnificent powers of its own. It has been known throughout history to be good for preservation. This is why it was used to preserve the remains of Egyptian kings. An orgone pyramid creates a vortex of energy under it, which is why it is so good to meditate with, and feel that refreshing energy

Multi-Faceted Healing with a Great Combination of Crystals

In this orgone pyramid, you get the added benefits of 4 crystals with exceptional healing and protective powers. These crystals work together well, and allow you to find replenishing energy while simultaneously providing you with protection from environmental pollution and negative vibes.

Useful Tool for Healing Chakras

This New Orgone Pyramid for Healing heart is a great way to stimulate and balance the chakras in your body. Black Tourmaline is used for activating the Root chakra which helps you to remain calm and grounded. Amazonite stimulates the Throat chakra and helps to facilitate clear communication and get over the fear of judgement. Lapis Lazuli is an ideal stone for balancing the Third Eye chakra and Throat chakra. Green Jade is an essential element in removing the blockages in your Heart chakra. Thus, the combined effect of these crystals helps to keep your chakras balanced and ensure a happy and healthy life.