• DRINK-IN POSITIVITY with this powerful Black Tourmaline Water Charging Plate as it helps infuse your body with healing energies.
  • THE MOST POTENT Crystal Quartz amplifies energy and intention, attuning your higher self and enhancing your healing potential.
  • BALANCE THE ROOT CHAKRA through the charging plate’s ability to deflect negative energy, cleanse surroundings, and restore clarity and harmony.
  • PERFECT HARMONY is symbolized by the Flower of Life atop this beautiful coaster that depicts the fundamental form of time and space.
  • STUNNINGLY HANDCRAFTED with the highest-quality Black Tourmaline, crystal quartz, aluminum, SBB S-coil and cast resin.

Protect yourself with The Master Healer

Fortify yourself against negativity while enhancing your self-healing capacity through the powers of Black Tourmaline and Crystal Quartz. Combined in our beautiful Flower of Life Orgone Crystal Coaster, they transform low-frequency energies into high-frequency positive energies that promote positivity, balancing of the Root Chakra.

Enjoy a clear, more objective viewpoint

This potent chakra coaster provides EMF protection and neutralizes your negative thoughts and the judgments of others, turning them into positive energies of clarity and harmony. Placed in proximity to you in your office, bedroom and meditation space, it awakens your mind and gives you renewed focus and concentration for greater success.

To balance your root chakra and stimulate harmony, add an Orgonite Crystal Flower of Life Water Charging Coaster Plate to your cart today.

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