Golden Black Obsidian Bracelet

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🙂Gemstone Healing Bracelet- Wear this golden black obsidian bracelet for spiritual healing and to promote wealth and prosperity. It’s power to connect and harmonize your soul with the outside environment helps you succeed in life.


Authentic Chakra Gemstones-We at Agate Jewelry take pride in using genuine and authentic golden black obsidian gemstones to craft our bracelets. This ensures ultimate healing powers, luck, wealth and prosperity whenever you wear it.Rest easy knowing these are authentic crystals.

🐉Feng Shui Jewelry- This piece of beautiful jewelry can be used in combination with the act of practicing the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. These powerful gemstones will help you find your balance with the natural world.

;Handmade Jewelry in India- This healing gemstone braceletis 100% handmade, with all gemstones coming directly from our facility in India. We at Crystal Agate only provide authentic and genuine gemstone protection crystals for our customers.

😊Healing ; Spiritual Properties-Obsidian has been used for thousands of years to improve health and increase spiritual prosperity. It has been known in Eastern medicine to enhance circulation and improve cardiac rhythm, as well as aid the human spirit.

🛡️Protect Against Negativity-Protect your spirit against outside negative influences while wearing this beautiful gemstone bracelet. We all encounter sad and angry emotions every day. This bracelet will help you fight these emotions and live a happy and positive life.

🙂Satisfaction Guaranteed- We know that this protection gemstone braceletwill be the best handmade piece of jewelry you have ever owned. This purchase is 100% risk free!