• ERADICATE NEGATIVE ENERGY and be free of fear with the protective powers of the Black Tourmaline Water Charging Coaster by Orgonite Crystal.
  • CLEANSE AND TRANSFORM dense energy into lighter vibrations and protect yourself from EMF radiation with our orgone energy accumulator.
  • BOOST YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE and awaken yourself to abilities and opportunities for prosperity that previously went untapped.
  • BALANCE THE ROOT CHAKRA to achieve a greater understanding of yourself and others. This will bring you stronger and more rewarding relationships.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN INDIA with the highest-quality Black Tourmaline energy crystals and the Flower of Life, this beautiful orgone charging plate is essential to your meditations.

Strengthen your inner sense of security

This powerful Black Tourmaline Crystal Charging Plate helps to balance the Root Chakra, grounding excess energy and removing negativity from your surroundings to instill a positive attitude and self-esteem. Used to purify your drinking water, it will infuse you with physical vitality and focus throughout your day.

Protect yourself from EMF pollution

Black Tourmaline deflects electronic smog from cell phones, transmitter towers, microwave ovens and more, keeping you immune from radiation, noise sensitivity and disruptions that cloud your insights and leave you susceptible to psychic attacks. This helps to balance the right and left sides of the brain so that you can regain control of your life.

Open the path for perception and knowledge. Add the Black Tourmaline Water Charging Coaster to your protection crystals and stones today.

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