Crystal Quartz Chakra Money Tree [Bonus Necklace]

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Orgone agate brings to you Money Tree with Crystal Quartz Chakra gemstone that is made to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to the user. This is a handmade Feng Shui Healing Crystal Oriental Home Décor Copper Wire Wrapped Figurine that adds elegance to space it is kept in. Known as the ‘master healer’, clear quartz is known to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it. It is also known to stimulate the immune system and bring your entire body into balance. Clear Quartz is a useful stone for warding off stress, negativity, fear or anxiety from your mind. This Money Tree is a great way to fill your life with energy and enthusiasm and induce creativity in it that will help you to reach new levels of success.


The Master Healer

Money Tree for Good Fortune

The healing energies of this crystal facilitate a strong connection with all the earthly elements, thereby promoting balance on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. This crystal has properties that amplify or magnify the healing vibrations of the surrounding crystals, which makes it a great addition to any home or office. Clear Quartz is known to promote a clear mind which results in enhanced spiritual receptiveness.

A Stone For Success

This crystal is powerful for anyone looking to move up the ladder of success in their life. Clear Quartz removes the cluttered thoughts in your mind and helps you to pinpoint on the most productive one and tells you how to manifest it. This crystal offers you clarity of mind that enables you to reach a higher state of being. This property makes it a useful stone for career-oriented individuals, artists etc.

Great For Spiritual Healing

Clear Quartz is known to enhance personal awareness and growth which is an important part of spiritual healing. It strengthens your connection with the spiritual world which paves way for spiritual awakening. With this crystal around you, you are able to communicate freely with your guardian angels and seek guidance from them to bring balance to your life. Clear Quartz acts as a deep soul cleanser and brings spiritual harmony between the surroundings and your body.

Useful In Bringing Good Luck & Happiness

Ever Vibes Clear Quartz Chakra Gemstone Money Tree is useful in bringing happiness, prosperity and good luck in one’s life. This tree promotes a healthy flow of positive and confident energy in your space and helps you to reach new heights of success.

Shagbark Wooden Base

The Clear Quartz Chakra Gemstone Money Tree gets a base that is made from durable Shagbark wood which offers it stability. This wood is of very high quality and does not damage easily. This wooden base gets a smooth texture and a beautiful shine that forms a perfect contrast with the Clear Quartz tree. This colour combination offers an elegant look to the entire figurine and makes it a suitable choice for any space.

Useful Tool For Healing Chakras

Clear Quartz is considered to be useful for the Crown chakra. This chakra is the gateway that connects you with the energies of the universe. By balancing the Crown Chakra, this crystal controls the way you think and act and mellows you down to some extent by stabilizing your mind. It gives you the ability to understand that setbacks are an integral part of your life and the only way to move forward is by accepting them in a healthy manner. Even during meditation, Clear Quartz helps you to dwell deeper in the meditative state and achieve emotional equilibrium.