Chakra Thumb Worry Stone Healing Crystal (Set of 9)

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Chakra Thumb Worry Stone Healing Crystal Set that consists of 9 exceptional healing gemstones that provide you with a world of healing benefits. Worry stones are polished gemstones with a thumb indentation. They are also called thumb stones, palm stones, or soothing stones because they are used by people for calming down. In this set, you will find 9 different crystals, all with their own sets of benefits and positive energies to calm you down. These are good handy tools that you can carry with you to manage the stress which comes with everyday life.


  • 🙂9 Thumb Worry Stones- You will receive 9 hand carved chakra thumb stones in this package to help you manage everyday stress and anxiety! These stones come in Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian, Crystal Quartz, Opalite and Red Jasperfor different energy healing and protective powers.
  • ✅Always 100% Genuine Chakra Gemstones-Rest easy knowing that your thumb worry stones are authentically mined from our facility in India. This ensures that all gemstones provide the natural healing, meditation and protective properties. Unlike many other companies selling reiki crystals, these are REAL gemstones.
  • 😊Ultimate Reiki Healing- Heal your energy with the natural and holistic powers of these chakra gemstone crystals. Choose between numerous gemstones to help you with your spiritual needs for the day. For example, if you need spiritual protection, choose Black Obsidian crystal. If you need mood balancing, choose Amethyst gemstone.
  • 😌Release Your Stress & Anxiety- These worry stones can be rubbed with your thumb while held in your palm for ultimate stress and anxiety relief. It provides psychological aid to help you combat negative energy and thoughts.
  • ✋Hand Carved Thumb Worry Stone in India- We have 100% hand carved and polished all of our pocket thumb stones for ultimate quality, protection and healing. You will notice how soft and polished these stones are as you rub your thumb against them.

9 Crystals in a Unique Set

In this set, you will receive the gemstones Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Black Obsidian, Crystal Quartz, Opalite, and Red Jasper. Here’s a little more insight about these stones.

• Amethyst- It is a purple protection stone that is associated with good sleep, imagination, and better dreams.

• Lapis Lazuli- Truth stone that induces higher self-awareness and expression.

• Rose Quartz- The universal stone of love which helps one find self-love and attract more affection in life.

• Green Aventurine- Soothes emotions and is known for its magnificent comforting properties.

• Tiger’s Eye- Powerful all-seeing-eye that improves intuition, and relieves fear and anger.

• Black Obsidian- Another truth stone that allows one to take a deeper look at themselves, and release the fear of judgment and bias.

• Crystal Quartz- The master healer and king of all crystals enhances the powers of all other crystals it works with.

• Opalite- Good for regulating lopsided heartbeats, and generating healthy sleep cycles without any nightmares.

• Red Jasper- This stone is good for a healthy heart and circulation system.