• ATTRACT ETHERIC ENERGY and defend yourself against electromagnetic interference with the absorbent powers of Black Tourmaline Crystal.
  • DEFLECT NEGATIVE FORCES such as judgments and influences of others that would rob you of clarity and personal growth.
  • CLEANSE AND HARMONIZE your environment to dispel negative energy. Eliminating bad thought patterns brings inner peace and happiness.
  • BOOST MEDITATIVE POWERS by placing this orgone crystal ball nearby. Its ability to balance the root chakra channels positive energy throughout your body.
  • BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED by hand from the highest-quality Black Tourmaline, this resin-cast orgone crystal ball comes with its own display stand.

The bodyguard stone

A powerful energy protector, Black Tourmaline eliminates negativity and absorbs EMF radiation emitted by cell phones, computers, and other devices. This elegant orgone crystal ball, made with Black Tourmaline crystals and metals, restores harmony to any environment so your root chakra remains sparkling-clean and receptive to positive vibrations.

Balance and detoxify for greater insight

Known for its’ calming effects, keeping your Black Tourmaline Ball close to you will help remove fear and boost your confidence. 

Shower your spirit with pure, radiant vibrations. Add the Orgonite Crystal Black Tourmaline Ball to your cart today.

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Weight 220 kg

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