Black Obsidian Worry Stone

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Black Obsidian Worry Stone is the perfect tool for you to channel the power of truth! It is so easy to get lost in the fog of deceit and negligence of the modern world. This worry stone allows you to cut through the chaos and reveal the real truth, giving you a bigger perspective on the state of yourself and the world. With Black Obsidian, you will get to know exactly who you are, and you will be able to connect with your true self. This sense of truth will allow you to channel a new level of self-confidence.


Pocket-Sized Positivity Magnet

By giving you a better sense of truth, this worry stone will help you filter out the people who you don’t need in life, and have secretly been draining your mental and emotional energy. It dispels misconceptions to help you gain clarity of confusing situations between authorities, friends, and foes. All of this clears out the negative energies bothering you, making way for a whole new positive outlook towards life.

Powerful EMF Protection

Being a stone of protection, Black Obsidian shields you from EMFs which are Electromagnetic Frequencies that are very harmful or the human body. Since you can’t stay away from the source of these radiations, (cell phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets), carrying this stone will help you to counter the effects.

Boosts Serenity and Self-Esteem

Being a pocket-sized piece, measuring approximately 2.4” you can carry it with you at all times. This gives you an aura of positive energy that shields you from illusions and blockages that would get to you otherwise. Black Obsidian revitalizes balance and harmony so that all the negative energy in and around you is grounded, giving you peace and raising your self-esteem.

Spiritual Cleansing with Black Obsidian

Another known quality of Black Obsidian is its power to cleanse your spirit. By grounding the hampering effects of negative energy, it gives your spirit the space it needs to breathe and grow. It is a kind of cleansing that affects the entire mind, body, and soul, and helps in them working in harmony, making you feel very peaceful.

Chakra Healing with Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a very effective stimulant of the Root Chakra. It’s properties of grounding and filtering out bad energies is exactly what makes it so compatible with Root Chakra, because it is the bottom-most chakra in our body, responsible for cleaning.