Black Obsidian Worry Stone – Heart Shaped

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Black Obsidian Worry Stone, which is a heart-shaped carving of the healing crystal Black Obsidian. A worry stone is a small portable cut of a gemstone that you can keep with yourself at all times to use it for relief from stress and anxiety whenever you want. This allows you to breeze through tough situations, knowing you have your defense strategy ready. This stone will provide you with the required mental strength and energy to come out of challenging situations without damaging your emotional health in any way. This Black Obsidian Worry Stone is an ideal stone to keep with you in order to live a calm and blissful life.


  • GUARD YOUR HEART against disingenuous people with the truth-revealing powers of our heart-shaped Black Obsidian stone. THE STONE OF TRUTH eliminates negative thoughts and emotions that have been hampering your relationship.
  • SEE WITH CLARITY and impartiality the little white lies that you and your partner tell each other so you can begin healing and forgiving. UPLIFTING VIBRATIONS from Black Obsidian allow you to hold onto your individuality even as you and your spouse nurture your love. DEFLECT EMF SMOG from cell phones, Wi-Fi and microwaves that cloud your perceptions and hinder your life choices.
  • Let black obsidian guide your heart This potent protection crystal defends you and your loved one from anything that threatens to tear you apart. For those not yet in a relationship, it will protect your heart against dishonesty and negativity, and it will give you the clarity to see behaviors that are deterring you from finding true love. Carried in the pocket, it casts a barrier around your aura to seal-out fear and make you more perceptive about others and their intentions.
  • Tap into your Third Eye With our heart-shaped Black Obsidian Stone, you’ll maintain hopeful and loving feelings even when you’re going through traumatic experiences together or separately. Its’ positive vibrations will clear your mind of worry, regret and other distractions so you can live a balanced life of genuine satisfaction and contentment.
  • Find the peace and happiness that is waiting just for you. Add the Ever Vibes Heart-Shaped Black Obsidian Palm Stone to your crystals and healing stones today.