Unconditional Love Gemstone Orgone Crystal Antenna

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brings to you New Orgone Round Pyramid that helps to repel negative energy and environmental pollution from your surroundings. It is a great tool to enhance the vibe of your workspace, home, or wherever you spend most of your productive time. Embedded with 3 different crystals, this orgone pyramid brings great healing energy from the realm of crystal healing. In this pyramid, you will get the added benefits of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Ruby Zoisite. This orgone pyramid is conical and round, which enhances the aesthetics of wherever it is kept.


Unite Mind, Body, and Soul with Healing Crystals

  • Rose Quartz is known as the universal stone of unconditional love. It helps you steer clear of toxic vibes, bad energy, and hatefulness. With the help of Rose Quartz, you will find it easier to love yourself and attract more loving energies in your life.
  • When the heart is taken care of, Amethyst will stimulate your mind. This purple stone is exceptional when it comes to soothing thoughts, inducing calm, and helping you have happier dreams. It also helps in problem-solving.
  • Ruby Zoisite is a stone that helps in spiritual awakening and synchronizing the inner and outer self. It will help you see the bright side and things, and lead an overall happier life. It brings the combined benefits of the stones Ruby and Zoisite.

Say Goodbye to Toxic Behaviors

With this orgone pyramid and its contents, you will be well-equipped to stay away from toxic people, and also avoid exhibiting toxic behavior yourself. Most people are not aware of their patterns and when they are being a source of bad energy themselves. With this orgone pyramid, however, the healing is effective enough to make you see the error in your ways.

Attract Good Luck and Fortune

One thing an orgone pyramid does is attract good luck into your life. Good luck is just what we call an ideal environment where things seem to happen for you. Orgone pyramids achieve this by inducing a positive mindset and helping you take control of your actions. When these things happen, things happen to go your way more often than not.

Extract the Energy of Orgone

Orgone is the divine concept of harmony between all things alive. It is known by various names in ancient cultures like “Prana” in Hindu culture and “Chi” in Chinese culture to name a few. Combined with the pyramid shape, which has powers of its own, namely preservation and generating energy, an orgone pyramid is a great first step to align your mind, body, and soul to turn your fortunes around.

Chakra Healing with Orgone Pyramid and Crystals

When combined naturally into one stone, Ruby Zoisite harmonize the chakras Root, Heart, and Third Eye, since they all vibrate on the same frequency. Rose Quartz also heals and dissolves emotional pain, making it a heart chakra stone. To balance the mind and heart, Amethyst is a stone profoundly known for stimulating the Crown chakra.