Rose Quartz Window Hanging Ornament

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 Hanging Ornament brings the goodness and grace of natural Rose Quartz, which is one of the most utilized and loved healing crystals. This ornament is handmade with special care given to retaining the natural metaphysical benefits of the crystal. At the aesthetic level, the baby pink sheen of Rose Quartz makes it perfect for any kind of room décor. This hanging piece can be used with a lot of versatility.


The Universal Stone of Love

Rose Quartz is famously known as the universal stone of love. It has the power to induce and strengthen feelings of affection for yourself, the world, and other living creatures around you. It allows you to see exactly how beautiful the world is. It is also great if you are looking to open up your heart in finding new love interests in life.

Multi-Purpose Home Decor

From your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, to your car, gym, or workplace; this ornament is great for bringing healing and spiritual benefits wherever you want. Its lovely look makes it perfect for decorating any space you want. Perfect for space where you spend most time bringing that aura of positive energy around you.

Healthy Dosage of Self Love

One big quality of Rose Quartz is to induce love for the self. So many people struggle in their skin and don’t like themselves enough. Constantly affected by competition on every level, it has become increasingly difficult to love yourself enough. That is where Rose Quartz can be of tremendous help, allowing you to love yourself without judgment or bias

Handmade Gemstones

This healing crystal product is handmade to minimize the negative pollution of other people’s and machines’ energy to make sure you get a stone with the least cleansing required. This ornament is polished and woven to give you an elegant home décor item. You will appreciate the fine details and hard work that has gone into your piece. This beaded cord of Rose Quartz crystals is also perfect for Sun catching.

Chakra Healing with Rose Quartz

Usually, the Heart Chakra is stimulated by green coloured stones, but Rose Quartz is one of the most significant Heart Chakra stone out there. It is perfect for not just the metaphysical healing virtues of love and affection, but also heart-related physical aspects like blood pressure, circulatory system, and blood purity. The universal stone of love is not just rhetoric for romantic love but also related to the kind of love you have for your family, friends, peers, your passions, etc. It gives you the ability to be more forgiving and affectionate towards others and helps you cast away your anger.