Orgone Pendant Necklace – Metatron’s Cube Merkaba

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✮Integration is the art of blending the internal with the external, the light with the shadow, the parts of ourselves we know and those that lie in mystery. When we integrate, a new version of ourselves steps forward, expanded and empowered. This mystical pendant was created with the highest intent for those moving through a phase of personal and spiritual integration.


☢ Features & Benefits:

✔Grounding and activates the 3rd eye and crown chakras

✔Helps transmute harmful negative energy

✔Protective & Grounding

✔Uplifting Energy

✔An ally in these wild times

✔Handmade and Unique, so no two are identical

✔Double-sided pendant with a durable and glossy finish.

✔Plant Based EcoPoxy resin.

✙✙✙This is a high profile and obviously powerful orgonite pendant.But this is not like the heavy, bulky designs that are commonly found!