Orgone Necklace for Ultimate Protection

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Orgone is the name given to the energy of life which brings all the wonders in our environment to existence. It is the very essence of nature, dubbed into many different names by various ancient cultures, like “Prana” and “Chi” but meaning the same thing. Ever Vibes brings to you Orgone Necklace that offers you ultimate protection from negative elements and toxic energies in your life. An orgone pendant such as this allows you to harness the best from the sublime orgone energy, and make it your own. When you connect to the orgone energies through this pendant, you feel at one with nature. This Healing Crystal Chakra jewelry from Ever Vibes is a perfect choice for your daily life if you wish to stay safe and secure from negative energies around you.


Healing Powers of Tourmaline

This orgone pendant is made with multiple varieties of the Tourmaline crystal which all bring massive collective energy which has numerous healing benefits for humans. Tourmalines are naturally powerful mental healers that allow you to take control of your mental faculties. It assists in relieving stress, increase alertness, and strengthen the immune system. Tourmaline is also known to promote self-confidence and lessen fear by stimulating feelings of happiness and joy. It instills a sense of compassion and tolerance and gives you the power to overcome the challenges in your life.

Protection from Environmental Pollution

Electronic devices have shaped themselves as an important part of our environment, but they also have a harmful effect on us because of the electronic magnetic frequency fog that they cause. With this orgone pendant, you can secure yourself from such environmental pollution on the go! This necklace offers protection from harmful RF-EMF waves and also removes toxic elements from the body.

Channel True Happiness with Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known for stimulating happy feelings by shielding your mind from negative thought patterns, anxiety, stress, pressure, and other factors that can damage your self-esteem and can cause feelings of worthlessness. Tourmaline gives you the power to face challenges and stay on top of them at all times. These properties make this orgone pendant a good choice for you.

Self-confidence and Balance on the Move

One of the hidden qualities of Tourmaline is assisting in maintaining ideal weight and helping you overcome fears. These properties make Tourmaline ideal for raising self-confidence. With this necklace, you can harness the balancing powers of the various Tourmalines present in the orgone dome. It releases emotional stress, and also assists in improving personal relationships.

Chakra Healing with Multi-Tourmaline

With a blend of various Tourmalines in this orgone pendant, you will find that most chakras are getting some kind of benefit from it. Black Tourmaline stimulates the Root chakra and helps you to stay balanced and composed. Green and Red Tourmaline help to balance your Heart chakra. Blue Tourmaline is useful for Throat and Third-Eye chakra while Pink Tourmaline stimulates Crown chakra and helps in connecting with the energies of the universe. Such variety gives you a brilliant option to recharge most energy centers in the body and balance your chakras.