Opalite Palm Stone

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Opalite Palm Stone for Healing

Opalite is a bright blue crystal with soft energy that is known to improve communication on all levels. Sometimes when you do not know what is causing you to be less expressive than usual, Opalite helps in clearing out chakra blockages that gives strength to verbalize hidden emotions and feelings. This enables you to be vulnerable without fear. It also helps with the transitions of all kinds.


  • 💎 SMOOTH & BEAUTIFUL GEMSTONE– You will be astonished by the silky-smooth texture and beauty of this opalite palm stone. It is naturally polished by water for a shiny and sleek finish that you can rub for relaxation and anxiety relief.
  • 👍#1 SOURCE FOR AUTHENTIC GEMSTONES –Unlike other opalite crystal sellers, we only source 100% genuine gemstones. This ensures that you get the full healing benefits of these stones.
  • ☺MINIMIZE ANXIETY & STRESS – Whenever you are feeling anxious, worried or stressed, simply reach in your pocket and rub your fingers over the smooth finish of the stone. The spiritual powers along with the physical feeling of the palm stone instantly soothe your mind.
  • 🖐 HAND CRAFTED – Each and every one of these heavenly palm stones have been polished and indented to fit perfectly in your pocket and hand. This ultimately gives you a perfect worry stone for meditation, yoga, chakra balancing and internal healing. 🙏IDEAL FOR MEDITATION–Do you need help calming your anxious mind to meditate? This opalite oval worry stone gives you the optimal tool to help you heal your spirit and balance your chakras.
  • 🌞IMPROVE COMMUNICATION–The opalite stone has been used for thousands of years to help an individual communicate their thoughts to others. It keeps your subtly energized throughout the day to give you that much needed boost to conquer tasks. ✔MONEY BACK GUARANTEE– We know that this Oval Worry Stone will be the best handmade meditation and calming tool you have ever owned, but if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase,we will give you a full refund.