Tumbled Amethyst Stones Set

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Orgone Agate brings to you Bulk Assorted and Polished Tumbled Amethyst Stones Set (1/2lb) that is a perfect addition to your crystal healing kit. The gorgeous natural purple color of Amethyst makes it perfect for decoration in your home. The special care in finishing these tumbled stones ensures that the Amethyst retains its numerous metaphysical properties. Since they are nearly in their natural form, they are great for Reiki healing and connecting with the spirit. These tumbled stone set can be used with a lot of versatility.


  • ✅ PREMIUM ASSORTED AMETHYST STONES–This set includes ½ pounds of tumbled and polished amethyst stones directly from India. They are a gorgeous and natural purple color that will work perfect for home décor, arts and crafts or whatever you decide to use them for!
  • ✅NATURAL HEALING STONES– These reiki chakra healing stones are nearly in their raw form, providing you the most powerful spiritual healing experience. The Amethyst stone has been used throughout history to calm a person’s mind and emotions.
  • ✅ AUTHENTIC STONES – We take pride in having authentic Amethyst gemstones straight from the source. Other companies will sell fake gemstones that have no natural healing powers. Not us! The geodes you are getting are made from raw amethyst chakra stones directly from India.
  • ✅GORGEOUS COLORS – These root chakra protection stoneshave an exquisite and stunning look to them. The sublime mix of light and dark purple, along with the different shapes and styles of stone will be perfect for any project or décor you decide to use them for!
  • ✅MULTI PURPOSE USE–Use this bulk pack of amethyst stones as home décor, for arts and crafts or to naturally heal yourself of negative energies! They are truly the perfect set for any of your gemstone needs. ✅SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We know that these Tumbled Amethyst Stones bulk set will be themost beautiful healing crystals you have ever owned, but if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase just let us know!

Chakra Healing with Amethyst

Amethyst is a majestic stone that is related to the virtues of the mind and mental acumen. It interacts with the Third-Eye, Crown, and the Etheric Chakras. These are the chakras that control everything your mind does and is capable of, especially the aspect of your mind that you did not know it was capable of when it is inactive. With Amethyst, you can practice lucid dreaming and control your dreams fully. You get to sleep better because it soothes the mind and calms your thoughts to endorse a deeper sleep. If you have a problem with nightmares, Amethyst can help with that as well! It raises your intelligence, improves your perception of information, and boosts the accuracy of information.