Amethyst Crystals, Hanging Window Ornament

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Grace your space with this beautiful wall hanging piece from Orgone AGATE , stocked with the 7 Amethyst crystals and its calming energies. At the tail end of this piece, you will find a tassel of chip stones which is just the cherry on the top that this piece needs. The Amethyst will induce positive and peaceful vibes in your life, thereby alleviating stress and fear. Ever Vibes Chakra Reiki Healing Crystals Wall Hanging will add a boho, tranquil and peaceful vibe to your home, car or anywhere you decide to keep it! On top of the beauty of this chakra wall hanging set, it also heals, energizes and shields your spirit.


Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

The healing powers of the Amethyst crystal remove every bit of stress and anxiety from your life and instill it with optimistic energies that help you to move ahead without fear. This is an ideal home décor item to keep near you when you are practicing yoga, reiki or other forms of spiritual and physical healing. The deep violet purple tone of this wall hanging will enhance the look of your space and make it look more appealing and attractive.

Beautiful Aesthetic with Versatile Use

This hanging piece is eye-catching and beautiful to look at. If anything else, it can be a brilliant piece of décor. Its style and aesthetic make it versatile enough to use in any kind of space, like the dining hall, door, car’s rearview mirror, plants, or your bedroom. You can even carry this set in your pocket to feel spiritually healthy at all times.

Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually Refreshing

This hanging window ornament chakra set will give your mind and spirit the power to rid itself of negative energies and revitalize your emotions and morale. It instills in you, a sense of peace and tranquility which helps you to stay at your spiritual, emotional, and mental best.

Made Using Natural Gemstones

All the stones that you find in this set are natural gemstones. These are all hand-carved to minimalize their interaction with other energies before they get to you. This ensures that you get a natural product that has a high frequency of positive energy vibrations that you need to breeze through your days.

Chakra Healing with Crystals

Amethyst is said to be incredibly healing and purifying gemstone. This crystal brings peace to your mind by bringing balance to your Third Eye and Crown chakras. By stimulating these chakras, Amethyst raises your awareness and opens your mind to energies beyond the physical world. Amethyst connects you with the universe beyond your bodies and helps you to seek answers from your guardian angels. This beautiful wall hanging opens a new spiritual world that you never knew existed. By keeping this chakra reiki healing gemstones near you at all times, you are able to keep your spirit and energy levels at an all-time high.