Amethyst Chakra Gemstone Money Tree of Life [with Bonus Necklace]

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Orgone agate brings to you Amethyst Chakra Gemstone Money Tree which is a Feng Shui Home Décor that is designed to bring positivity in your life and remove every bit of negativity from your mind. Amethyst is a stone that is known as a natural stress buster because it removes cluttered thoughts from your mind and helps you to get rid of anxiety and tension. This stone is believed to have a lot of healing properties and hence is considered to be a very powerful stone in the crystal industry. This stone carries the energy of fire, creativity and spirituality which make it an effective addition to your life. This Amethyst Chakra Gemstone Money Tree, when placed in certain corners your home, will not only beautify the room but also your life.


A Beautiful Gemstone

For Your Home

Apart from being one of the most powerful crystals, Amethyst is also a very fascinating and beautiful gemstone. Amethyst can be transparent or opaque and its color ranges in hue from pale red-violet to deep violet. Due to its magnificent color, Amethyst proves to be an ideal home decor item. You can place this Amethyst Tree in your living room or your office to make that space look more attractive and appealing.

Nature’s Tranquilizer

Amethyst is known to soothe and calm a hyperactive mind. It will help to calm an angry mind and will assist in intellectual reasoning. It will help you to get over your fear or anxiety and will give you the necessary boost required to move forward in life. If kept under the pillow, Amethyst can also facilitate pleasant dreams.

Ideal for Achieving Spirituality

Amethyst is also sometimes referred to as the ‘soul stone’ because it brings wisdom and understanding in your life. It assists you with connecting to your guardian angels and helps you to dwell deeper into the state of meditation. Amethyst stimulates your mind to be open to guidance and insights from the Divine.

Useful In Bringing Wealth & Prosperity

Ever Vibes Amethyst Chakra Gemstone Money Tree is useful in bringing wealth, opportunity, prosperity and good luck in one’s life. This tree promotes a healthy flow of positive and confident energy in your space and helps you to reach new heights of success.

Shagbark Wooden Base

The Amethyst Chakra Gemstone Money Tree gets a base that is made from durable Shagbark wood which offers it stability. This wood is of very high quality and does not damage easily. This wooden base gets a smooth texture and a beautiful shine that forms a perfect contrast with the Amethyst tree. This color combination offers an elegant look to the entire figurine and makes it a suitable choice for any space.

Useful Tool For Healing Chakras

Amethyst is said to be a very useful stone for balancing your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. This helps to maintain a balance of your thoughts and emotions and also helps in exercising control over your traits. By stimulating the Crown chakra, Amethyst connects you to higher planes of existence and develops spirituality within your mind. By working with these two chakras, Amethyst helps you to build a connection with your soul and opens a gateway to the universe that is beyond your physical reach.